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Picture of the Week


I was down in Southern Georgia this past weekend on a photo shoot and took this one of the nights I was down there. The stars were amazing, it was a beautiful location! 



While I was out Friday night, I captured this shot of the light dusting that Atlanta got of Snowzilla, as it has been ever so kindly dubbed. I am not a fan of cold weather, I relish in the hot sweaty summers that Atlanta brings. I will however say that snow brings a magical element to the world and a beauty that is incomparable. 

Picture of the Week

I took Bella for a walk last week before going to bed. We walked through the park and the lighting was incredible; I didn't want to miss an opportunity to do some shooting so Bella and I quickly grabbed my camera and started exploring Piedmont Park. While Bella did lots of sniffing around, I captured the character of the evening. This one is one of my favorites from that night, I hope you enjoy! More to come soon.