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Picture of the Week


One of my favorite things about photography, specifically photographing people, is when you capture a moment of raw emotion. A moment that pulls your heartstrings, that captivates you years, if not lifetimes after the image was taken. 

An example of such an experience was captured above when I tried to sneak into the kitchen and surprise my nephew. Not only was he aware of my “silent” approach, he was genuinely overjoyed to see me. 

He celebrated his third birthday this month; I couldn't believe it's been three years since he joined our clan. This image was taken over a year ago. Even after looking through the thousands of photos I have of him, this one still shakes me to the core knowing that I was the reason he was so happy and furthermore knowing that this moment in time can still pull on those heartstrings. 

The smiles and laughter that fuel his curiosity and excitement for life are truly contagious to all those around him. I hope this brings you as much warmth and happiness as he has brought me.